Virtual appointments

What to expect:

All Therapy Virtual appointments will be completed via an online portal specifically designed for clinical appointments.

When you book your appointment we will email you a link to follow in order to join the session. This can be completed on a computer or smart phone.

Physiotherapy is underpinned by comprehensive history taking and so the first part of the session will be talking about your injury, symptoms, how it happened and how it has changed. This will allow our Physiotherapist to understand your injury and start to formulate an approach to treatment. Your Physiotherapist might ask you to complete some movements to assist them making a decision on how best to proceed. You will then be given specific advice on how to manage your condition, and exercise prescription to support your recovery.

How will I know how to complete my exercise prescription?

Therapy Virtual use an online interactive exercise prescription service that provides videos to your device to show you what to do. This service also has the function to video you whilst you complete your prescribed exercises, meaning your Physiotherapist can check on your technique and feedback to you on how you can improve.

Types of appointment and cost

We offer 3 appointment types at Therapy Virtual.
  • 45 minutes, £45: Select this appointment if it is your first session with Therapy Virtual.
  • 30 minutes, £36: Select this appointment if you have already been assessed, need to review your progress and would like advice on the next stage in your exercise prescription.
  • 15 minutes, £20: Select this appointment if you have already been assessed and you need quick advice on your injury or a quick review of your exercise prescription.
  • Corporate partners: Please contact us for corporate packages and cost

Anywhere in the UK!

Direct access to physiotherapy services from any location on any device.

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